lil' bit about me (also, call me G3?)

I was a creative & curious kid asking too much "why?" questions to my parents, so after growing up I thought of making a career out of it.

✍️ I love visual design, art and doodling - as a UXer, I love storytelling impactful stories through these mediums.

🖥  I did my undergrad in Computer science which makes me well aware of technical constraints around design and also makes me work effectively with software engineers.

🐶 I am an animal welfare enthusiast and was the Head of Social media and design for 2 years at The Pawsome People Project. which helped me cultivate empathy for other beings, making me a good UXer.

⛰️ I love the Pacific Northwest and can't get enough of it. Nature reminds me to relax for a minute and see things from a wider perspective.

I was featured in these!

and, I write too.

Some of my UX blogs up in UXPlanet, Bootcamp in Medium.

Some supercool figma hacks to make life easier

Dec 2021

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How I became a UX Designer with Zero experience

Dec 28, 2020

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My favourite handpicked Productivity Tools

Sept 2021

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Head of Design atThe Pawsome People Project.

Core member and Co-Head of all Social Media and Fundraising Design for Animal welfare and Rescue. Active foster parent and rescuer. Nov 2020 to Dec 2022.


Doodles and Web-comics. 2k+ Followers.

This is where I share my daily rants in the form of art. Here I do doodles, creative reels, funny doodles and enjoy the Tamil millenial culture.
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